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Practical information for participants

Locations of the conference:

The METAPHYSIS conference will last four days and will take place at two different locations: the first two days (22-23 April) in the main building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (in the city centre, 1st district) and the last two days (24-25 April) at the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Vienna, in the 'Centre of Archaeology', situated in the 19th district, towards the north-west of the city. Both places are located at a distance of ca. 4 km from each other, but can easily be reached by several means of public transport: underground (U-Bahn), tram or bus.

You may consider this situation when booking your hotel.

The main building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is situated in the centre of the city, in the 1st district, at Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2. The lectures will be held in the Ceremonial Hall on the first floor.

The underground stations nearest to the Academy are 'Schwedenplatz' (U 4) and 'Stubentor' (U 3).

The Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Vienna is not situated in the main building of the university, but is part of the 'Centre of Archaeology' at Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, in the 19th district. The lectures will take place in Hall 5 (Hörsaal 5). The entrance is in Philippovichgasse 11, stairways straight ahead, 1st floor.

The underground station nearest to the institute is 'Nussdorfer Strasse' (U 6).

For a map showing both locations, click here: download-pdf

For public transport in Vienna, click here: http://www.wienerlinien.at/eportal/ep/home.do?tabId=0


Hotel reservation:

All hotel arrangements are to be made by the participants themselves. You will find a large selection of hotels on:

It is your decision whether you choose to stay close to the city centre, or in the 19th district. If you would like to stay in the city centre, we recommend the following hotels situated in the 1st district and close to the Academy of Sciences. The Institute of Classical Archaeology can easily be reached by underground from there:

Hotel Post: Fleischmarkt 24, 1010 Vienna

Hotel Capricorno: Schwedenplatz 3-4, 1010 Vienna

Hotel Marc Aurel: Marc Aurel-Straße 8, 1010 Wien

Hotel Austria: Fleischmarkt 20, 1010 Wien



Each paper is restricted to 20 minutes. Discussion will take place at the end of each section. We request that the speakers keep to the time-limit as the programme is very dense!

It is expected that all presentations will be in PowerPoint. If you need any other audio-visual equipment, please let us know in advance.



The maximum format of the poster is 146 cm (height) and 118 cm (width). The participants presenting posters are requested to deliver them to the organizers at the beginning of the conference.

Invitations during the conference:

The following social events are planned:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014, evening: after the keynote lecture by Nanno Marinatos, conference participants are invited to a reception in the assembly hall (Aula) in the main building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Wednesday, 23 April 2014, evening: the conference participants are invited to the Town Hall by the Mayor of Vienna

Friday, 25 April 2014, evening: Speakers' Dinner at a traditional "Heuriger" (wine tavern) in the old Viennese wine village Grinzing



On Thursday, 24 April 2014, in the afternoon, there is the possibility to make an excursion by bus to Stift Klosterneuburg, a Baroque monastery located ca. 15 km to the northeast of Vienna along the Danube. The trip will include a guided tour; information regarding costs will be provided in February 2014.


Some general travel notes:

19-21 April 2014 is the Easter Weekend, the weekend including Easter Monday as a public holiday. Since Vienna is a popular tourist destination, you should have no trouble with travel, hotel, restaurants, etc. However, due to the holidays you should book your hotel with plenty of time in advance.

From the Airport of Vienna (Schwechat Airport, ca. 25 km east of the centre of Vienna) you can reach Vienna easily by different means of transport:

by CAT (City Airport Train): from the airport to the terminal Wien Mitte (in the centre of Vienna) at 30 minute intervals; travel time is 16 minutes; cost: ca. 11,- Euro
http://www.cityairporttrain.com/default.aspx?lang=en-US or http://www.viennaairport.com/jart/prj3/va/main.jart?rel=en&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1249344074214

by train / suburban railway: at 30 minute intervals; travel time is ca. 25 minutes; cost: ca. 3,80 Euro
www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp or http://www.viennaairport.com/jart/prj3/va/main.jart?rel=en&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1249344074214

by bus: from the airport to Schwedenplatz at 30 minute intervals; travel time is ca. 20 minutes; cost: 8,- Euro

by taxi: cost: ca. 35-45,- Euro



Vienna in April is usually quite fair and sunny but can also be windy and rainy. Temperatures generally range at that time from 8 to 20 degree Celsius. Therefore, bring a sweater and jacket for the cooler evenings, and an umbrella!


Austrian currency:

1 Euro = 100 Cent


Sightseeing in Vienna:

There are many short package tours available from Vienna Travel Information


A few suggestions:

Freud Museum (devoted to the "patron" of our METAPHYSIS conference): http://www.freud-museum.at/cms/index.php/en_home.html

Kunsthistorisches Museum: http://www.khm.at/en/

Museums in Vienna: http://www.wien.gv.at/english/culture/museums/


Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Department Aegean and Anatolia,
Austrian Academy of Sciences,
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2,
A - 1010 Vienna

Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna,
Franz Klein-Gasse 1,
A - 1190 Vienna

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